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A message from Monica

Hello my name is Monica Andrea Herrera Garces and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit this site. I would like to take a moment to introduce myself and my project. I am a native of Colombia. I was born in the village of Santuario, Risaralda. One of my greatest influences growing up and still today was my father Anibal Herrera. The name you see on the label is a tribute to him and all his values. At a very young age, I watched him work on coffee farms. I believe this is where my passion for coffee and my homeland started. Throughout my life I always wanted to pay tribute to him and my homeland. No matter how far I traveled, my father and my country always held the top spot in my heart.

Speaking of travel, that is how I ended up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had family living and studying here and decided to come and study as well. I left my homeland and entered a new culture. It did not take long for me to realize that a lot of the values I hold so dear are the same values Pittsburghers hold. While here studying, the idea of bringing fresh Colombia coffee directly to Pittsburgh and connecting two cultures always held a spot in my heart. After my studies, I would return to Colombia to meet farmers and learn about the coffee culture. In between travels back and forth I met my husband and now reside in Pittsburgh with him.

It has taken us many years to get this project started. Things were going well and then the world experienced and is still experiencing something none of us have ever experienced. Covid -19 has affected every corner of the world. Some areas are moving in the right direction while others continue to struggle through the pandemic. This was very evident in my home country. This project aims to support the famers and people in need in Colombia.  We only work with small farms that pay their farmers a livable wage. We also aim to donate portions of the profits to children and families in need in Colombia. While supporting them was always the goal, now they need it more than ever.

So what is our goal? What is behind each bag you purchase? The answer is simple. Behind each bag sold is coffee straight from the farm to your home with no big business in between, the support of farmers and families in a time of need, a direct link between two cultures, and a family dream coming to life. 

I invite you to enjoy the delicious coffee from my homeland while helping those in need during this difficult time.

Con todo mi corazón


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