TABI Natural – Grown by Alonso Bustos – Medium Dark Roast


Medium Roast

Cherry fermentation 96 hours

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Score: 86.5

Coffee Notes 

Smell: Red fruits, red apple, chocolate and fruits

Flavor:  Cherry and red apple

Benefit: Cherry fermentation 96 hours

Cup Profile

Body: Silky smooth

Acidity: bright acidity


Growing information

  • Variety: Tabi
  • Location: Huila, Acevedo – Colombia
  • Farm: El Mirador
  • Altitude: 1,500 meters
  • Process: Natural dry in marquee (456 hours)

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Tabi is a coffee that grows in a climate with particular conditions, prolonged summers, high solar
brightness, because it is a variety resistant to rust, it has low fertilizer applications, which makes
it very environmentally friendly. .
Tabi comes from Arabian coffee which was crossed with Bourbon and Typica, the two best
varieties of high quality coffee.
Do not wait for this delicious silky smooth body, and flavors of cherry and red apple and various fruit aromas.
Guaranteed to have you coming back another cup. Order now.

Weight 12 oz